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Making Working Out Work For You!

We can all find countless excuses and reasons to skip our workouts. Kids, work, busy, schedules, gym cost, or even not knowing where to start. It’s time to stop letting excuses get in the way. The trick to becoming healthier and achieving fitness goals is easy: it is time my friends to make yourself a priority! Not 4th on the list after your kids, marriage, and work. I’m talking Number 1 on your priority list. By doing so you will be happier and healthier which in turn will make you a better employee, mom, and partner.

Start by defining your fitness goals. If you dream of walking onto a big stage at a bodybuilding competition, that is fantastic! You might start that dream with the tips listed below, however ultimately you will most likely require many hours spent in the gym. For the majority of us our fitness goals are most likely similar: lose weight, tone up, and get healthy and happy.

Getting started doesn’t have to be scary! Check out my tips below on incorporating fitness into any lifestyle:

  1. Start small. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Commit to doing 10 jumping jacks and 10 squats daily for a week. Then increase that number each week. Or walk to the corner store to grab that jug of milk you need. You would be surprised how small changes can be the catalyst to big fitness goals being accomplished!

  2. Use waiting time for workouts. While your children are enjoying their extracurricular activities, use that time to go for a walk/run and end with some squats. Poof! There, you’ve got yourself a workout and tired kids! Win win!

  3. Workout on your lunch break. Go for a brisk walk or check out one of my less than 20 minute no equipment workouts, like this Cardio Blast!

  4. Use play time with your children as an opportunity to get your heart pumping too!Play tag, skip, go for a hike or a bike ride. Not only will you feel great for being active, your kids will be pumped to have you actively engaging with them.

  5. Make a promise to yourself. All too often we break theses promises, but remember you are now priority number one in your life! Commit to 2-3 twenty minute workouts a week. Check out Work and play with Jamie Joyce on YouTube for ideas.

  6. Join a social media fitness group. Okay, so most of us do better with goals if we have some way to stay accountable. There are many groups you can find on Facebook or other social media outlets where there are other people with similar fitness goals. One of the groups I am currently in is called “Muscles and Mascara” on Facebook. We post sweaty selfies and meals. This not only holds us accountable but also gives us a moment to shine and feel proud of our workouts!

  7. Make fitness a fun part of your lifestyle. Try out some new activities to determine what you enjoy. Some things I love to do to stay active include:

    • Kayaking. Some places rent kayaks for a reasonable hourly rate. Costco also sells a great kayak for under $400!
    • Hike local trails. This is a great family activity. Hiking also gives you and opportunity to start at a beginner level and progress to advanced if you wish. Not only are you getting fit but you can do it while enjoying the great outdoors!

    • Snowshoeing. Don’t be fooled this is a great workout! Some community centres allow you to borrow them for free.

    • Go for a swim. Enjoy the ocean, local lakes or pools. Swimming is a workout that almost anyone can do. It is great for people with injuries as well.

    • Join a sports team. Sports aren’t just for your kids. Playing your favourite sport is a great way to burn calories while having a great time. I am on a local co-ed soccer team and love every second of it!
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