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How to Fit Into Your Pre-Pregnancy Skinny Jeans Quickly!

15 weeks ago I gave birth to my fourth baby! What I am most excited about isn’t the 4 month sleep regression phase, it’s the fact that yesterday, I put on my pre-pregnancy goal jeans and THEY FIT! To be honest, I was dreading it. I figured I’d squeeze my legs in and come nowhere close to zipping them, but after stepping up my workout game and clean eating I saw results fast.

Here’s exactly how I did it:
  1. Right after baby, I started going for walks.
  2. I am nursing, which made me incredibly hungry at first. So I tried to eat many small healthy meals a day. I didn’t calorie count, I simply ate when hungry. I tried to eat lots of high protein foods. Protein balls became one of my go to snacks.
  3. Once cleared by my doctor, I did my postpartum workouts for 4 weeks. One video 3 times per week. By the time I was 10 weeks postpartum, video 4 had prepared me for more intense workouts.
  4. At this time my hunger levelled out. I cut down on carbs like bread and cereal. I made lots of substitutions for unhealthy foods, such as pitas instead of pizza crust.
  5. I started lifting heavier weights and training specific muscle groups. Check out this arms video for an example of some exercises I did.
  6. Most recently, 4 weeks ago I started HIITing hard. No pun intended. When I started High Intensity Interval Training, I started seeing major results! My baby pooch literally disappeared. The great thing about HIIT is it doesn’t take long to notice the changes in your body. Check out my YouTube channel for the upcoming fat blasting HIIT 4 week workout challenge!

If I can do it so can you!

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