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How to Stay Motivated With Health and Fitness

How many times have you or someone you know fallen off the wagon with a new fitness regime? Get a new gym membership for your New Years resolution and by March you’ve gained 5lbs and you are a couch potato! The truth is there is no “trick” per se in staying motivated. However there are many ways to keep momentum on the motivation train going.

Check out my personal tips on fitness and nutrition motivation:

1. Set goals

  • This is so important. By Setting goals you are setting a bar of success you want to reach.
  • My most recent goal I set and achieved was to complete a 4 week weight training challenge. 4 workouts, 4 times per week for 4 weeks! Check out my Facebook page for upcoming challenges to make this one of your goals too.

2. Change up your exercise routine

  • Just like everyone else, I get bored of the same old exercise routine. That is exactly why I change things up every couple of weeks. Try my HIIT workouts to spice things up a little.

3. Find new activities

  • Staying fit does not have to mean being stuck in the gym all of the time! Try new activities you find fun. If you are enjoying yourself, your chances of sticking to it increase ten fold. Examples of activities I’ve recently became a huge fan of are paddle boarding, kayaking, and snowshoeing, to name a few.
  • Join a team! I play on a beer league soccer team. It is so much fun and I get a great sweat on.

4. Join a group or follow fitness related social media

  • Join a challenge group on Facebook where like minded people are doing the same workouts as you. By posting sweaty selfies and sharing your workouts you will be helping yourself stay accountable.
  • Follow people you find inspiring on Instagram

5. Find a fitness routine that fits your lifestyle

  • No matter how much time you think you don’t have, I promise you even a mom of 4 kids (yep that’s me) can make the time for exercise. Some people spend hours in the gym weekly. Others like me workout like a boss for 20-30 mins four to five times per week. The point is there are so many quickie workouts available on you tube such as my HIITT workouts that get the job done in a 20 min time crunch.
  • Workout with your kids sometimes. Teach them the importance of treating their body like a temple.

6. Get outside!

  • A little sunshine goes a long way! Take your yoga mat outside and rock your downward facing dog while soaking in the rays. I often do my workouts on my deck.
  • Go for walks, hikes, or runs. Enjoy nature while working on your fitness. This is so good for the soul.

7. Read books, and listen to podcasts that inspire you.

  • Take time to invest in your mental health and pick up a great motivational book that lifts your spirits. I highly recommend The Happiness Project and Girl Wash Your Face!
  • Listen to a fitness podcast on your commute to work

The biggest regret you will ever have is not sticking to the things you want in life. Sometimes it takes being innovative to keep things exciting, but I am going to promise you making yourself and your health a priority is something you will never regret.

Stop making excuses and just do it!

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