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10 Ways To Stay Active Without Going to the Gym

I like the gym, don’t get me wrong, but I also love variety. Here are some of my favourite activities to stay fit!

1. Kayaking!

Anyone who loves the great outdoors, this one’s for you. You can explore some really amazing lakes and rivers, and the ocean from a kayak. There are affordable kayaks you can buy, and many places rent kayaks and even provide a brief lesson and tours. This is one of my favourite upper body and core exercises. Kayaking is great for all fitness levels as you can paddle as fast or slow as you want. You can go for a long paddle or take many breaks. You can paddle in calm waters or challenge yourself with a current.

2. Obstacle Courses

These have become very popular for adults over the last few years. There are different kinds of courses to choose from, including zip lining, tree climbing and obstacles, mud races, etc. Many of these businesses such as OnTree Adventure Park have multi fitness level courses to choose from. This is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy.

3. Snowshoeing

If you happen to live in an area where your winters are snowy, you should try this! You can get really fancy here and buy your own snowshoes, or you can rent or borrow them from local community centres. Check out some of your favourite walking trails in the winter!

4. Skiing

Another great winter activity to get you moving. Whether it’s cross country skiing or downhill, you are guaranteed to burn some calories and have a great time while doing it.

5. Biking

Often after the age of 12 we boring adults retire our bicycles. WHY? It’s so much fun! And a great workout. Another great activity with the family.

6. Hiking

I can not get enough of hiking! There are so many trails to explore. This is a great way for beginners or advanced pros to get a great sweat on. Search for hiking trails in your area online. You can usually find information on the difficulty level and the amount of time each trail takes. Be sure to pack a picnic to enjoy and lots of water.

7. Swimming

I am not a swimmer. My version of swimming is a cross between a doggy paddle and the breast stroke. However, I recently have found a new appreciation for swimming. During my last pregnancy, I experienced a pretty severe groin injury that left me unable to do most of the activities I usually do. I decided to get a day pass at a local hotel and give it a go. It felt amazing! No pain, and it was a great workout. I did my pathetic doggy paddle laps and left feeling energized. I recommend swimming for all fitness levels or anyone with injuries leaving you limited.

8. Playing

Parent or not, you can play! Why do we have to give up all things fun when we reach adulthood? Grab ball of some sort and get out and kick, throw, or shoot hoops! Hell, you can even skip! Even in the winter or bad weather you can take advantage of open gym time at local community centres.

9. Walking or Jogging

Get out after supper for a little neighbourhood walk. Better yet, go for a sunset walk or enjoy a night walk while star gazing (this is also very romantic if you’re into that!). If the weather is bad , try a local indoor track.

10. Join a sports team for fun!

I play for a beer league soccer team. It is so much fun and it leaves me sweaty.

11. Check out local community centres for affordable adult activities such as group exercise classes such as yoga, Zumba, etc.

12. Join an online challenge group.

Looking for a boot camp style workout that can be done at home? Check out my Facebook page to join my latest HIIT or Weight Training Challenge group.

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