It’s Okay to Re-Write Your Story

Most of us spend hours as a child dreaming of the fairytale life we will live when we grow up. Fast forward twenty years and we miss those carefree days so much when our biggest worry was choosing which Barbie to play with .

Unfortunately, all too often as adults we are wishing for more or missing the past. Never does it seem like we are actually enjoying life and living in the moment. But what if the moment in time we are in is not living up to the picture perfect life we dreamed as children?

At a time in our lives when most of us do not even know who we are, we are given the task of making our biggest major life choices: careers, marriage, children. Naturally, if these choices are made in your twenties you may now think some were mistakes. I personally like to think of it more like an evolution of myself. Choices I made in my past actually made me the woman I am today. My advice is take the lessons good or bad that were taught to you and keep re-writing your life one page at a time.

Maybe you got it all right the first time. Maybe you picked the career that you are passionate about and a supermodel wife (I say wife because you knew when you were 17 you liked ladies). You then waited to have children until you travelled the world first, and now you have decided it’s time to adopt an adorable little baby. Hey, I guess it can happen.

But, for most of us, the choices we made in the past may not be serving us anymore. It’s time to really dive into ourselves and ask the following (sometimes scary) questions:

  • Am I truly happy?
  • Are there things I want in life I do not yet have?
  • What am I going to do to achieve all of the tings I want out of life?

These are big questions and they will take time to dissect. You may not like your own answers. This may lead to more specific questions about your relationship, career, or overall wellness and happiness in life.

Re-writing your story may look like this to you:

You have been 50lbs overweight for the past several years. You now lay on the couch every night watching The Bachelor instead of playing roller derby twice a week that you loved so much! On the new page you write you not only are “losing weight” but you want a fun, healthy lifestyle where you can be the person you want to be. You slap on those rollerblades and get back out there.


You have worked in a healthcare position taking care of others since you graduated from college. You have dreamed of being an author and writing about your nursing career but you don’t have the time. On your new page you carve out time to write. You pick up No Plot, No Problem and participate in National Novel Writing Month. You wake up an hour before your kids to start your passion project. This leads you to a New York Times best seller.

No matter what your previous story, it can always be we-written! Start one page at a time. Life is too short to not be happy. Spend time doing things you love and with people who invigorate you.

Love yourself and get writing your new story.

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