Choose Yourself in 2020

A new year often brings resolutions. Resolutions are usually a type of punishment for things you don’t like about yourself. The desire to change is driven by thoughts of self-doubt and negativity. No wonder the majority of January gym-goers quit before February is over.

The drive to change needs to come from a deep love for yourself. You need to matter so much that your health, happiness and wellness become a top priority. Setting a goal out of disgust for yourself will always end in failure. Instead of a New Year’s resolution, make a self-care plan that helps you reconnect with yourself and fall in love with the amazing person you already are. By forming this kind relationship with yourself, unhealthy behaviours and habits will naturally decrease and be replaced with things, places, and activities that bring you joy.

Here is how I plan to choose myself in 2020:

  1. Slow down.
    Life does not have to be chaos all of the time. You do not have to always be “busy.” Take a moment and see the beauty of things around you everyday.
  2. Set boundaries.
    Choosing yourself means ensuring you align the way you live with your values. This may mean telling the truth about how you feel, saying no, or cutting toxic people out of your life.
  3. Invest in relationships.
    Have meaningful conversation more often. Be authentic. Be vulnerable.
  4. Get to know yourself.
    Meditation and journaling are amazing for self-discovery and connecting to your authentic self.
  5. Do more of what you love.
    Get creative, travel, read, etc. We get so wrapped up in life that we forget we should actually enjoy being alive!
  6. Take good care of your physical body.
    Nourish yourself with foods that give you energy. Find an activity you enjoy for exercise and do it regularly. Get plenty of sleep. Drink lots of water.
  7. Get outside!
    It’s easy to use winter as an excuse to remain indoors; don’t let that stop you. Fresh air is one of the most powerful boosts. Go ice skating. Go for a hike. Or even take a night time walk around your neighbourhood.
  8. Practice Gratitude.
    Take time each day to acknowledge 5 things you are grateful for.

Here’s to the magnificent new you 12 months a year, not just in January.

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