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Get Fit With Your Toddler

Anyone who has a toddler knows exactly what I mean when I say, “They have so much energy!” Some days it may even feel like too much! These little cuties can be downright exhausting, leaving Momma zapped, tired, and not very motivated to get her exercise in. This leads to a downward spiral where you feel like you have no time to concentrate on your own health and fitness and you may even feel a little resentful.

What if you could be a Super Mom do both entertain your busy little peanut AND get a good sweat on? Yes you heard me right – it’s possible! Life is hectic sometimes and we can’t always wait for the perfect moment to exercise. Waiting for that moment leaves room for excuses and for other daily tasks to take over.

Check out my list of ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine with your busy toddler:

  1. Squat.
    Toddlers love being held in Mama’s arms. Picking up your little cutie and squatting with them feels like play for them, and it’s a great way for Mom to build her booty. Try 10 squats and repeat 3 times for a total of 30 weighted baby squats.
  2. Dance. 
    Little ones love it when adults act silly and have fun. Put on the Baby Shark song and jump around like a kid. This will be a fun way to have your little guy burn some of his energy too.
  3. Walk.
    Grab your stroller and get some fresh air with your babe. Try to squeeze in at least 5k 3 times per week. You will be surprised how quickly walking can help you see changes in your body. The fresh air is great for both of you.
  4. Playground. 
    Many parents bring their children to the park and sit on a bench while they play. My suggestion? You play, too! Climb, run, jump and play. You can also try the monkey bars or chin ups to build some upper body strength.
  5. Tag. 
    Exercise does not have to be complicated. Get yourself outside and chase your busy bee around the yard for 20 minutes to get your heart pumping. They will love this game!
  6. YouTube.
    Throw on a quick 20-minute, no equipment YouTube video, and be a role model for your little one. Show her how fun movement can be. So what if you get interrupted a few times? Pressing play is a small victory all by itself.
  7. Have fun.
    Play animals. Get down on the floor and pretend to be a dog. Do some frog jumps and crab walks.

Remember you are your toddlers greatest influence. If Momma takes good care of herself she is happier and healthier to care for her babies.

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