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All The Stuff You Need to Workout at Home

There is a misunderstanding that in order to get a good workout in at home you need to spend a fortune on equipment and other stuff. The truth is there is a very minimal list of things you need to achieve great results while working out from the comfort of your own home.

Three years ago I cancelled my gym membership and got fit doing my own YouTube workouts.

Here are the basic things you need to start your own home gym:

  1. Yoga Mat.
    A yoga mat is great for a variety of floor exercises to provide cushioning. Good yoga mats also help from slipping and provide traction while doing movements like jumping. You can get them on Amazon for around $30, or you can splurge for a Lululemon one!
  2. Dumbbells.
    Everyone should have a set of light 3-5lb and a set of medium 5-8lb dumbbells when beginning to workout at home. Dumbbells can be used interchangeably with a barbell. Dumbbells are used to help tone muscles. Don’t worry, weights this light won’t make you bulk up. Weight training can actually help you lose weight!
  3. Clothing you can move in.
    A couple pairs of yoga pants and some sports bras are essential for a great workout. You need to be able to move comfortably. Also, a cute outfit gives you confidence, which helps with motivation. Check out one of my favourite brands of active wear.
  4. Water Bottle.
    Hydration is very important when getting active. I love my huge Nalgene bottle. During a workout I never have to refill it because it holds so much. I also take it with me everywhere I go.
  5. Headphones.
    Music keeps me motivated. Having pumping tunes playing makes me want to move. I love my AirPods because there are no cords to get in the way, and they are easy to take anywhere.
  6. Device to play YouTube.
    I have used my own workout videos on YouTube to lose all of my baby weight after my 4th baby. I also enjoy Yoga With Adriene. You will need a TV, phone or tablet to play your workouts.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or have a huge space in order to get fit at home!

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