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Boost Your Confidence to Boost Your Workouts

In my 35 glorious years of life, I have learned that success, appearance and confidence all matter. They may even be intertwined. The way you present yourself to the world sets the tone for what you will attract in relationships, experiences, opportunities, and yes even fitness! Confidence tells a story. It tells others you value yourself and you deserve to achieve your goals, big and small.

It may come as a surprise to some that what you wear to get sweaty and workout matters. Years ago after having baby number one I felt very uncomfortable in my own skin. I was 50 pounds heavier than my normal weight, my skin sagged and had stretch marks, and I was feeling very down on myself. When I started going to the gym, I was wearing my boyfriend’s t-shirts and baggy sweats. I would walk in and head straight for the back corner where no one else would see me, avoiding the weight areas and strictly jogging on a treadmill until my time was up. It was no surprise I didn’t see many results and I dreaded going to the gym.

A few years later, I grew up and a bit, and I grew more comfortable in my own skin. I started eating better and I committed to doing a home workout program. It was during this time I started to realize that when I dressed in nicer clothing or even worked out after work when I still had some makeup on I preformed better. What is the common denominator? Certainly not a little mascara. It was simply confidence. When I felt my best, I performed better. This is an approach I have carried forward in all aspects of my life. At work, even when I worked in a secluded lab where I wore a lab coat all day, I dressed nice and took time to do my hair. At home on the weekend, I change out of my PJ’s into clean fresh clothing (usually sporting less makeup etc). My point is – taking time to do things that make you feel good actually help you with your success. And this success can translate into hitting your fitness goals.

My favourite workout clothing is listed below. When I wear these brands, I feel inspired, strong, and confident! Give them a try.

  1. The Great North Apparel
    This brand has some very unique colourful clothing for workouts that fit great and last. I have sports bras from the Great North that I have been wearing for over a year. This company also sells cool lifestyle wear, too.
  2. Lululemon
    I think everyone needs a pair of Align Lulus! They really feel like you are wearing a cloud, not to mention they really make your butt look cute! The align pants are high waisted to they help with tummy control and they look flattering on all body types. They are a little pricey but the company stands by their brand and will exchange for the life time of the clothing. You can’t beat that.
  3. Uprise Apparel
    This company has a special place in my heart. The founder is from my home town. The message from uprise is inspirational and I feel proud to wear it. Uprise means hope resilience and new beginnings. This is a comfortable lifestyle brand that sells affordable tanks, hoodies, hats and accessories. I particularly love my racer back tank that can be worn for workouts or casual wear.
  4. Zyia
    Zyia is a fun online active wear company that sells a large variety of fun prints, colors, and styles for everyone.
  5. New Scotland Clothing
    This company is located near my home in Nova Scotia. The logo is epic and the clothing is affordable and cute. This brand can be worn everyday or for your workouts. I love the racer back tanks and ball caps (great for a bad hair day!). They have shipping too so you don’t have to be in Nova Scotia to get your fix!

The lesson you can learn here is wear something that makes you feel good, and you will be one step closer to achieving your fitness goals!

Note: I may receive a commission if you purchase items using the above links.

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