Top Five Ways to Stay Active During a Pandemic

Staying active is now more important than ever. During this global pandemic, we need physical activity to help our mental health. Moving your body everyday improves mood and your overall health. Although COVID-19 has taken many of our usual routines away, there remains many different ways to ensure you get a good sweat on to stay well during this crazy time.

Here are my top 5 ways to stay active during the pandemic that do not require going to the gym:

  1. Dance
    Dancing is not only a fun way to lift your spirits it is also a great cardio workout. Put on your favorite uplifting music and bust a move! You can even make it a family ritual. Before dinner daily we have a family dance party.
  2. YouTube and Zoom
    There are so many awesome free workout channels on YouTube!

  3. Hike
    Hiking is an incredible workout that can be done year round. There are many different trails in most areas with different difficulty levels. You get to enjoy nature, explore and get moving at the same time. What a great way to fill up your soul.
  4. Play
    You don’t have to be a kid to play! Get outside and kick or throw a ball around. In the winter, make a snowman.
  5. Walk
    Going for a walk can be very therapeutic. Put some tunes on and turn your walk in to a jog if you’d like to increase your intensity. Make it a family affair. My family are fans of night walks, especially this time of year, as it is lovely to walk around the neighbourhood and check out the Christmas lights!

Although your regular routine may have to change that does not mean your fitness has to suffer. Get out enjoy nature, be creative with ways to incorporate movement into your new way of life.

Take care.

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