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    All The Stuff You Need to Workout at Home

    There is a misunderstanding that in order to get a good workout in at home you need to spend a fortune on equipment and other stuff. The truth is there is a very minimal list of things you need to achieve great results while working out from the comfort of your own home, and here it is!

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    Get Fit With Your Toddler

    Anyone who has a toddler knows exactly what I mean when I say, "They have so much energy!" Some days it may even feel like too much! These little cuties can be downright exhausting, leaving Momma zapped, tired, and not very motivated to get her exercise in.
What if you could be a Super Mom do both entertain your busy little peanut AND get a good sweat on? Yes you heard me right - it's possible!

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    Outdoor Workout

    I get really bored of the same old workout routine. I need variety in order to stay on track with my health and fitness goals. Taking your workout outdoors can be just the spice (no I’m not talking pumpkin spice lattes here) you need to stay motivated! Today I bundled myself and my baby up for a fall workout in the park. Check out my workout routine below (the baby is optional company). Warmup: 5min brisk walk or slow jog Workout: Jog or brisk walk for approximately 5mins 30 Jumping jacks Jog or brisk walk – 5mins 20 Step ups on a flat rock 10 inclined pushups on rock 10…

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    10 Ways To Stay Active Without Going to the Gym

    I like the gym, don’t get me wrong, but I also love variety. Here are some of my favourite activities to stay fit! 1. Kayaking! Anyone who loves the great outdoors, this one’s for you. You can explore some really amazing lakes and rivers, and the ocean from a kayak. There are affordable kayaks you can buy, and many places rent kayaks and even provide a brief lesson and tours. This is one of my favourite upper body and core exercises. Kayaking is great for all fitness levels as you can paddle as fast or slow as you want. You can go for a long paddle or take many breaks.…

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    How to Stay Motivated With Health and Fitness

    How many times have you or someone you know fallen off the wagon with a new fitness regime? Get a new gym membership for your New Years resolution and by March you’ve gained 5lbs and you are a couch potato! The truth is there is no “trick” per se in staying motivated. However there are many ways to keep momentum on the motivation train going. Check out my personal tips on fitness and nutrition motivation: 1. Set goals This is so important. By Setting goals you are setting a bar of success you want to reach. My most recent goal I set and achieved was to complete a 4 week…

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    How To Select The Right Weights and Equipment for Your Workout

    Weight training can be a little daunting if you haven’t done it before. There is so much equipment many people don’t know how to use, and many people have no clue how to select the right weight to maximize their workouts. There are many options such as dumbbells, barbells, machines, bands, medicine balls, and kettle bells, to name a few! These choices often leave people overwhelmed, and often results in the lame 30 minute treadmill workout regime. Follow the advice below when selecting equipment for your workout. This knowledge will leave you feeling confident and comfortable when weight training. 1. Set your goals: Are you currently 50 lbs overweight and…

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    How to Fit Into Your Pre-Pregnancy Skinny Jeans Quickly!

    15 weeks ago I gave birth to my fourth baby! What I am most excited about isn’t the 4 month sleep regression phase, it’s the fact that yesterday, I put on my pre-pregnancy goal jeans and THEY FIT! To be honest, I was dreading it. I figured I’d squeeze my legs in and come nowhere close to zipping them, but after stepping up my workout game and clean eating I saw results fast. Here’s exactly how I did it: Right after baby, I started going for walks. I am nursing, which made me incredibly hungry at first. So I tried to eat many small healthy meals a day. I didn’t…

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    Getting Active After Baby

    Motherhood is an amazing journey from that first pink line on your pregnancy test all the way to the first steps. Each moment is absolutely incredible! Who am I kidding, being a momma is hard. Our bodies, moods, and schedules change. I am not denying that throughout all of the chaos there are magical moments that make it all worth it, but I think Mommas deserve a huge round of applause for bringing a little human into the world and caring for that wee one while they find their new normals. One aspect of this change many of us struggle with is losing baby weight. I’m not going to lie,…

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    Making Working Out Work For You!

    We can all find countless excuses and reasons to skip our workouts. Kids, work, busy, schedules, gym cost, or even not knowing where to start. It’s time to stop letting excuses get in the way. The trick to becoming healthier and achieving fitness goals is easy: it is time my friends to make yourself a priority! Not 4th on the list after your kids, marriage, and work. I’m talking Number 1 on your priority list. By doing so you will be happier and healthier which in turn will make you a better employee, mom, and partner. Start by defining your fitness goals. If you dream of walking onto a big…