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    Fuck Mom Guilt

    Mom guilt is becoming an epidemic! Surprisingly, in a time where awareness of mental health is rising (which is fantastic!), no one is talking about the pressure on mothers to be perfect. If you aren't described as a busy mom its a bad thing... I'm going out on a limb here and saying Fuck Mom Guilt!

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    My Sister, the Ovarian Cancer Warrior

    At the most difficult time in her life, Amanda tapped into an inner strength that we all now know as #Amandastrong. She publicly shared her journey with the world, touching the lives of thousands of people, in hopes to advocate for women like her who were diagnosed too late. Amanda wanted every woman to know there is no screening method for Ovarian cancer like there is for breast or even cervical cancer. Because of this, and because the symptoms can be vague, ovarian cancer is often referred to as the silent killer.

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    Getting Active After Baby

    Motherhood is an amazing journey from that first pink line on your pregnancy test all the way to the first steps. Each moment is absolutely incredible! Who am I kidding, being a momma is hard. Our bodies, moods, and schedules change. I am not denying that throughout all of the chaos there are magical moments that make it all worth it, but I think Mommas deserve a huge round of applause for bringing a little human into the world and caring for that wee one while they find their new normals. One aspect of this change many of us struggle with is losing baby weight. I’m not going to lie,…

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    Making Working Out Work For You!

    We can all find countless excuses and reasons to skip our workouts. Kids, work, busy, schedules, gym cost, or even not knowing where to start. It’s time to stop letting excuses get in the way. The trick to becoming healthier and achieving fitness goals is easy: it is time my friends to make yourself a priority! Not 4th on the list after your kids, marriage, and work. I’m talking Number 1 on your priority list. By doing so you will be happier and healthier which in turn will make you a better employee, mom, and partner. Start by defining your fitness goals. If you dream of walking onto a big…

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    Overcoming the Baby Blues

    Most moms to be expect their lives to change when their new bundle of joy arrives, however many don’t anticipate the weepy days/months after baby. Those days when one baby cry or comment from your partner can send you into a downward spiral. Rarely do I hear moms even talking about the postpartum blues in fear of appearing weak, thinking that having these moments (or days for some) somehow makes them less of a mom. In my experience as a mom of 4, I can tell you having these moments when you don’t quite feel yourself after experiencing one of the most amazing gifts in life in downright awful! With…